How It Works...

Become apart of the VIBELANDIAN Tribe

Sign up & create account on the network


Sign up on the VIBELAND Network by filling out a forum which includes your name & valid email address. Once complete, you will be directed to your VIBELAND wallet to keep up with your VIBELAND Tokens that can be used for trade, payments & withdrawal. 


As our platform continues to grow, we encourage individuals to utilize VBL Tokens as a reflection of value you bring to the community. VIBELAND Network is an open source platform which allows users to be rewarded for their ideologies, talents & expertise.


It does not cost anything to join our community! Participation such as posting, commenting, and voting on content is free! Remember, “Create. Innovate. Educate.” 

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Decentralized (VIBELAND, Steemit)

Upload content of your choice

Share YOUR music, photos, ideas, creations, etc.


Becoming a VIBELANDER opens full access to uploading your value to the network. If you have something positive to share with the VIBELAND Network, it only takes two clicks to post to the platform. 


The community decides the value of your post by clicking or tapping on the 'VIBE' button communicating that they saw value in your post. Each 'VIBE' clicked is a portion of a VIBELAND Token into your wallet. When the community shares your post, each share is a larger portion of a VBL Token.


The majority of VIBELANDERS earning high rewards are community members that have spent a lot of time in the network building followings, networking with others, and developing a reputation for bringing high quality content.


Upload your value to the community! Take back ownership of the value you bring to social communities!

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Take back ownership of YOUR content

VIBELAND incentivizes producers of creativity, innovation & educational content 


Utilizing a decentralized platform, VIBELANDERS are rewarded for sharing their experiences, knowledge, creations, opinions, and wisdom for the betterment of the community and the overall good of the individuals of the community.


Activity amongst the community is encouraged and VIBELAND Network rewards those who give valuable feedback to users within the community.


VIBELAND empowers individuals to take back ownership of his or her data by utilizing a distributed public ledger provided by the blockchain. This shift toward decentralization and away from centralized data ownership is a fundamental component of the revolution of data ownership. 


VIBELAND incentivizes individuals to take back ownership of their personal data that is currently being sold by large corporations to third-party companies, many times without the users’ knowledge.